Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kidz Bop Kegger, re-visited...

Yeah...obnoxious out there, ain't it.

Lifted from today's Facebook "Status Comment" antics (on the topic of the previous post's opening paragraph and whether or not said community would get down with my boy spinning Italo Disco at parties):

"You probably could if you were willing to wear silver pants and 20 year old sunglasses and let some smackhead trust fund chick from Iowa wearing a leotard and an unbuttoned flannel shirt give you shitty haircuts in her Brooklyn living room. Then your opinion would carry mad weight."
-Monster Tage RYB
(big up! big up!)

2006 Spring Collection, Dior Homme. Not quite the aforementioned stee, but seriously close enough (especially if you were a certain female DJ who was close to gettin' got for her chain outside of a certain club in NYC. This being the end result of acting like a racist (expletive)...but that was all a few years ago...ahem ahem).

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  1. Let's do coke! We don't give a shit! We're in NEW YORK!