Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I Ain't Playin'.

Blow and Benitez. But seriously, this joint has always been hard-as-nails to me. I don't know what exact category this would fall under, I always felt that this was an R&B joint that was heavily inspired by Hip Hop..."B-Boy Soul"...many would argue and call it simply "Hip Hop"...probably because this was played at every party/jam/cookout for years, way back when. Whatever...half the song is sung...there's a rap part...either way, it is damn good. Play this alongside some 'Nard (Wright) or Run DMC.

Just listen to those big ass "Action"(or Action'esque) action.

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  1. Remember when I copped that Sweet G record at NYC Japan and we went to Footwork and Vaz was like 'Oh shit those are the drums Doom flipped on the Megalon record' and we were all like YAY!! and we chilled there some saturday back in the days!???!!?!?!

    I miss the days of missing those days man, like back in '04 when we used to be like, yo remember back in the days and now everybody's talking about back in the days and how great it was but it was even more great reminiscing about how great it was. That was the BEST.