Thursday, July 30, 2009


yo...there's a Dolphin in this video. This video contains 10 seconds of some of the greatest footage ever captured...please...someone take the 0:04-0:14 section and place this on repeat for about 10 minutes. It will cure the most aggressive form of cancer, any cancer.(props to OMC for this)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

D.I.T.C. Beats in '93...

One of the dopest, most era-defining production/rap troops in Hip Hop...

Lord Finesse
Diamond D



(although this was a co-production with Diamond if I'm not mistaken...his real time came the next year in '94...)Buckwild in '94:

Friday, July 24, 2009

Ya Livin' Foul...

If you are going to debate whether or not "in good health" was an probably thought about calling the number, you fucking space cadet.

Two incredible verses, between the two classics, each revolving around the topic of coping with a significant other's addiction to the way-above-mentioned substance. Complicating, to say the least.

I don't feel like going into the depressing shitstorm that is detailing the sagas starring the good friends I've "lost" to substance abuse... it's Friday and the whole "how things went wrong" business is for another day, if you're unlucky. Go out...enjoy yourselves...stay honest and healthy.

If that already put a damper on your mood, well, hearing originals always puts a smile on my face. Coincidentally, both the Brand Nubian and Nice & Smooth songs sample finger-picky, strummy guitar riffs/melodies... from two very popular singles (one actually was immensely won a Grammy) that were released in the same year...1988 (you suuckerrrrrsssss...)!
Edie Brickell & The New Bohemians - What I Am (OG Music Video...embedding disabled by Universal...again!)


Be safe.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Posts Coming...

I dunno why I'm posting this...but new shit on the way...just been crazy busy and didn't want to put up some "okie-doke" bullshit.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

XX Rated

Seriously...another now-forgotten group from the early-to-mid 90's. Double XX Posse...from NJ.

History. Two albums...Put Ya Boots On from 1992...and Ruff, Rugged & Raw from 1995. Their first album had two singles/videos that were both super fresh. The first...

I cannot fucking believe the video is not online! I probably still have this on an old VHS tape. Maybe I should contribute...? Such a dope joint...the bass-heavy "Criminal Minded Remix" was ill as well (as heard in this clip of a young J-Lo freakin' it with the other 3 Fly Girls).

According to sources, the joint reached #1 in Billboard's Hot Rap Singles chart in '92. It was also featured in this episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (Season 3: "You Bet Your Life")...coming out of the system of the car in the background.

The second single had more of an Ed OG'ish approach..."Headcracker"...a damned good change of pace.

Completely '92 in both visuals, sound, and title...word to the looped James Brown sample.

Their last single/video(?)...'95's "Money Talks"...

This was my shit (as well)...came out when I was hype on most of the Big Beat Records catalog...the Artifacts, Real Live, these guys...then you also had Mad Skillz (or now, Skillz...whom I enjoyed when he first dropped "The Nod Factor" and was featured on Stretch & Bob's show on 89Tek9) and Junior Mafia (a group I musically despised beyond BIG's cameos) plus Lil Kim's solo material (that which I despised much less than Junior Mafia sans BIG). I don't really co-sign this era of Double XX AS MUCH as that of the first album, but this song was a good joint for the time and, nonetheless, made my finger reach for the record button on the VCR. I don't know who that 2nd cat is, but he's definitely helping the joint stay indicative of it's original release date...the obligatory rugged-out, husky/chubby "2nd voice"...who's now gettin' his and is shameless enough to admit that he's cool with it and fully aware that it's all due to a recent upping in tax('less) bracket.

Let's also not forget to mention the filthy, horn-filled '95 production of a one Lord Finesse (those horns man...that plus some jingle bells...many a beat's way of screaming "golden age or bust").

Anyways...enjoy. I sure did.

Kidz Bop Kegger, re-visited...

Yeah...obnoxious out there, ain't it.

Lifted from today's Facebook "Status Comment" antics (on the topic of the previous post's opening paragraph and whether or not said community would get down with my boy spinning Italo Disco at parties):

"You probably could if you were willing to wear silver pants and 20 year old sunglasses and let some smackhead trust fund chick from Iowa wearing a leotard and an unbuttoned flannel shirt give you shitty haircuts in her Brooklyn living room. Then your opinion would carry mad weight."
-Monster Tage RYB
(big up! big up!)

2006 Spring Collection, Dior Homme. Not quite the aforementioned stee, but seriously close enough (especially if you were a certain female DJ who was close to gettin' got for her chain outside of a certain club in NYC. This being the end result of acting like a racist (expletive)...but that was all a few years ago...ahem ahem).


With all of this loud shit going on...that has BEEN going on... adults dressed as 12 year-olds wearing loud colors and loud prints dancing like loud drag queens to loud hip-hop house electro-pop mish mash dance "DJ culture" music...being ironic and retro all loud-like ("retro" being (newly) defined by me as paying homage to old school antics in an ever-so ironic manner)...

...the only loud colors I'm rockin' are on my very "un-retro" GT PERFORMER. I'm just amped to have a bike again...not to mention that it was a childhood favorite of mine!

Pardon the cliche-as-fuck hate on the hipsters/scenesters bit uptop...I needed something with which to open this up. Although, I was doing some research on some events and venues and came across way too many reminders that this type of fuckery was (or IS) still very prevalent in NYC... and I really don't mean to sound so bitter and hateful... some of this scene's most-beloved characters are actually cool peoples with me... just gets a little tiring on the eyes and ears. Maybe I need to pick up a hard drug habit...or perhaps become a raging alcoholic.

Fuck it, I'm just on some bullshit right now...I'd definitely do a set at a party that Rev. McFly (Jah Jah, what up) is spinning/performing at...I guess it's just how I'm feeling at this moment in posting...a viewpoint...or maybe even a philosophy...

More '87 year before ' suuuuuuuuuuckerrrrrrrrrrs!!

Pre-reconstruction...practically all OG parts except for a single rear brake pad...probably going to switch for a 3-piece crank for a little more of an updated technical steez...and the grips. Even has the OG GT tires...non-rotten!

P.S. the "drag queen" line should in no way be mistook for homophobism... show me a drag queen that isn't wild extra...and I'll give you my bike.

P.P.S. and while we're on the topic of being "loud" about a Loud classic...

not even to play too hard on the whole "raging alcoholic" this album.

I Ain't Playin'.

Blow and Benitez. But seriously, this joint has always been hard-as-nails to me. I don't know what exact category this would fall under, I always felt that this was an R&B joint that was heavily inspired by Hip Hop..."B-Boy Soul"...many would argue and call it simply "Hip Hop"...probably because this was played at every party/jam/cookout for years, way back when. Whatever...half the song is sung...there's a rap part...either way, it is damn good. Play this alongside some 'Nard (Wright) or Run DMC.

Just listen to those big ass "Action"(or Action'esque) action.

Monday, July 13, 2009

GOODS! Again...

It's the 3rd Thursday (of the month) again!

I'll be spinning with my man sHaKe at Identity Bar & Lounge in the LES.

We promise to play an array of soulful, head-nod happy, two-step-starting, boombox classics. File the soundtrack of this event under "OLD SCHOOL"...HIP HOP, SOUL, R&B, FUNK...

Show up and bring friends...last time people fronted because of the monsoon that drenched the city...but the people who attended had a damned good time. It's FREE and there aren't many rules to abide by aside from being at least 21 years old.

511 E. 6th STREET (Btwn. Ave. A & B)

Starts 9:30PM - CLOSE (in the wee hours of the morning)


N,R,W to 8th St.
6 to Astor PL.
F,V to 2nd Ave.
L to 1st Ave. (if you don't mind a short stroll through the LES)

P.S. I'm also working on the first of many podcasts to be distributed "Internetically"...word. Expect treats.

R.I.P. Arturo "Thunder" Gatti

On July 11, it was reported that another talent was lost. Without getting into the details and conspiracies surrounding his death (we've had way too much of that lately), I'd like to simply say that Arturo Gatti was one of my favorites to step in the ring. He was a slugger and a sweller, many of his fights ending with his eye(s) basically closed shut due to his face bubbling up so much from hits taken, which brings me to my main point about Thunder...the man had HEART. Not only was he a good fighter, but he exhibited what some of the more technically-adept fighters lacked. He always fought until the fight was over...absorbing and re-administering the punishment. He'd eat hits in the multiples (whereas a single such connection would leave another individual shattered on the mat), find swift recovery from that "lucky punch", and fight through the sickening pain of injury (in most cases, to ultimately greet victory).

Many of his fights were deemed favorites among followers of the sport. An obvious choice for me would be the trilogy that was "Gatti vs. Ward". These fights, between real-life friends, contained some of the most brutal, unrelenting moments I've ever seen take place in the ring. Both fighters went in fully aware of the tremendous battle that lay ahead...and subsequently, fought mega the point where no matter who won, they both seemed to have gained bountiful heaps of respect and admiration at the end of each bout. All three fights spanned 10 rounds, regardless of mid-way knock-outs and injuries. The actual results were:

-Gatti Vs. Ward I: Ward won by majority decision.
-Gatti Vs. Ward II: Gatti won by unanimous decision.
-Gatti Vs. Ward III: Gatti won, again, by unanimous decision.

Here's a short clip collage (I'd honestly post the whole trilogy but I haven't the time) of Gatti Vs. Ward moments...peep the two warriors at work:

Gatti Vs. Ward I: The start of the Trilogy

Gatti Vs. Ward I: Check, at 7:14, the infamous Round 9 where Gatti is practically folded by a well-received body blow from Ward near the start...and seemingly, by a miracle, recovers to the point of later taking on the offensive. The remainder of Round 9 and the rest of the fight follows...

Gatti Vs. Ward I: Round 9-10...and the results.

Gatti Vs. Ward II: Finale..."not too many guys like Micky Ward around, that's for sure."

Post-Gatti Vs. Ward III: This is really ill...shows some of what Ward went through after his last fight with Gatti (also the last fight of his career) and captures some of the comradery between the two. Both deserve mucho props.

Gatti Vs. Ward III: 4th Round...the round when Gatti hits Ward's hip with an uppercut and re-injures his twice-repaired right hand...notice how he drops his arm and starts only throwing fighting...mind you, again, this fight goes on through the final round!

Gatti Vs. Ward III: Final Rounds...mind-blowing.

R.I.P. Thunder Gatti

"Emotions" Demo?

One of my favorite tracks of all have I just stumbled upon a demo version of it? Someone get me a dusty tape dub, immediately!

And no, this is not the version that was released on Grimm's Scars & Memories compilation CD (as much as it should have been included for us fiendish types).

Thursday, July 2, 2009

More Posse Cut...

EPMD's Hardest Moment...pause...
All of them came off stupidly nice on this...
hearing K-Solo viciously opening up the track for the Redman finale...
one of the great moments in life.