Friday, June 19, 2009

The "Crime'namic Duo", KOOL G RAP and GRIMM REAPER

In short: imagine if these two had made a whole album together...

The year was 1995, the station was Columbia U's very own WKCR 89.9 FM, the show was none other than that of Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito The Barber. Hands down, slip ups and all, this is one of my all time favorite freestyle sessions from my time of listening to the show. You have Kool G Rap when 4, 5, 6 just dropped and a younger, pre-tragic incident Grimm. If you're on the planet half the year, you already know of G Rap's ability in microphone damage. Never bet against him killing it. It is just a given. In my decades of listening to him, I've never heard him spit some weak shit. Sorry, but it's true.

All of that good stuff aside, I now have to go off and bring up how Grimm simply gets stupid props for not only accomplishing the incredible feat of preventing himself from being deemed completely "cipher in-effective" by G Rap's presence, but on top of that, he went fucking AWOL in this session (AND he was "tired"). As this played in the background of a conversation, my girl, who's admittedly not the most diehard Hip Hop head (though she DOES have some school-worthy gems to drop on the average part-time listener/fan), even did a double-take at the computer upon hearing his 3rd verse of the night ("and if we ever meet again, I'll have a long sharp knife to stab you into after-life"). I quote her, "Who's this again? He's got quite a way with words." (you had to hear how she delivered that)

Enjoy it again.


"Emotions" featuring fellow 4, 5, 6 cameo crimey, B-1. Seriously, one of my favorite indie Hip Hop releases in history. Shit is disgustingly sinister.
"International Rules" is also included in this clip...great song, but more for the nostalgic element of when I'd throw in a 90-120 minute TDK tape to record Stretch & Bob shows in one foul swoop, afterwards praising the invention of auto-reverse. It's a strange track, really. Lyrically, it revolves around being "in the club", plus Fat Man Scoop on the hook doesn't help camouflage that fact, yet it does not come off as suspect, i.e. it lacks the transparency and soullessness of the many "crossover" efforts of the time (by those who wanted to appear more commercially marketable so as to score a major label pick-up...a move of which many favorite 90's MC's have been considered guilty). What makes it stranger is that it's actually a remix to the A-Side, "Get Down", just with a completely different title.
...even stranger, I just devoted more time and font spread to write about a song that I wasn't entirely interested in spot-lighting.

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