Monday, June 22, 2009

Awkward White Girl Alert!

Love this joint though...

Needless to say, we were thoroughly entertained by this old issue of Smack DVD. The aforementioned random looking girl of "whiter" persuasion came packaged with a pretty ridiculous name and apparently was an aspiring rapper at the time (who isn't?). See the "Comments" of the posted clip for more laughs and the unveiling of her name (as I refuse to bring such a level of absurdity to this holy ground).

...but again, this has got to be one of the hardest joints Saigon has ever put out. Die hard fans will probably be mad at me for saying that, since people gravitate towards the more conscious/lyrical stuff he's done (some of which I can get into as well)...but this joint simply bumps tough and carries an off-the-charts, hanging-and-swinging-from-the-pipes-in-the-basement energy reminiscent of a Boom Bap-era KRS-1.

Plus that dusty, hypnotic, evil Spaghetti Western piano beat is a product of track vet, EZ Elpee. Saaaaaaynnnnnn?!???!?!?!!


  1. Wow, I read the comments on youtube....her name is hilarious...

    This joint is hype as fuck...Don't do that is also another fave of mine as just blaze laces that beat..

  2. Yeah...Sai has a pretty darned good ear for beats...whether or not he has a choice since the guy who signed him (I think that's correct) is a damned good producer as well. Who the fuck would be complaining?