Friday, June 19, 2009


Shouts to Big Rob and Sir Flores for reminding me of this classic business this week...

I feel like Above The Law got slept on, big time. It is a little disheartening to realize that I can probably count the number of local heads who really know about them on three fingers (me included)...yet they were 1. dope, 2. dropped at least one album (of your choosing, from the first 3), that once heard, no sane person would deny of its earned spot under the section heading of "classic", 3. closely related to N.W.A. (more like the lost members of the Ruthless posse, well, not so much "lost" being that they started out on Ruthless Records), 4. Cold 187um aka "Big Hutch" was the son of the legendary Willie Hutch (R.I.P.).

Their first LP, Livin' Like Hustlers, will be on repeat throughout the summer...I assure you. My favorite. I see it as a flawless snapshot of prime N.W.A.-influenced, James Brown (and co.) obessesed Hip Hop before the Western sonic canvas was seemingly drenched with funk (be that the "P" or the "G" type).

"Murder Rap" ('90)

"Untouchable" ('90)

(damn Sony for disabling the embed function on these videos...who wants to click to open a new window these days? Well I'm telling you to do it, it will be worth every piece of bandwidth and RAM expended)

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