Friday, January 16, 2009

BRUTAL TUESDAY: By The Time I Get To Arizona

(this has little to do with yesterday's post)

Arizona. What else about it (what the shit do I know)? Capital is Phoenix. Desert landscape with a dry, hot climate to match (come summer, things get "punishing"). Home of the Grand Canyon. Home of the Meteor Crater and the story behind Fire In The Sky. Shitty weed is named after it (shit is straight babbage...don't get it twisted just because Jadakiss oddly favors mentioning it alongside "purple" and "sour"). Republican (majority). They do not observe Daylight Savings Time (all but one 26,000 square mile stretch called the Navajo Nation...okay so I didn't know that before writing this).

More importantly, what does the state of New Jersey (specifically the town of Camden) have in common with Arizona?  Well there's a name that is shared by the two places.  It is a name which symbolizes a brand of unannounced savagery and ruthlessness, not often visited by the average bloodthirsty sociopath.  That name is Unruh.  Camden, New Jersey's own Howard Unruh

There must be something in the water. But let's turn our focus away from the overtly political rants. There really must be something in that water...affecting the minds of the youth, those of whom are already writhing in the slop of adversity and instability in their turbulent approach to adulthood. Deeper we the aggressive musical side of things (in typical PTP fashion). One of the prime This was the spawning site Hometown to seminal skate punk thrashers, JFA.

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