Monday, December 14, 2009

"high potent white kit-kats"

"Surgical Gloves"

Someone has been listening to me...

I said...the only thing that could have made OB4CL2 better, aside from replacing "Kiss The Ring" with "Walk Wit Me" as the official closer and including more RZA production (or at least the joints like "State of Grace" and "Baggage Handlers")...was a cameo from the real "God MC"...KGR.


Friday, December 4, 2009

"That's my mind reactin' telepathically..."

Just when you thought you knew about find out ...ah, you know the rest.

What the hell was up in 1991?! Let's continue with this tough joint...

Classic N.O. Hip Hop...shit is severely fresh. I can't name a soul on the East Coast who was bumpin' this when it came out...I wasn't...simply because I had no clue about MC Thick's (way too short) existence (R.I.P.).

Check it...

DROP GRENADE, Tonight @ Union Square Lounge


See you later.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Kick A Dope Verse And Then Be Ghost...

CLASSIC footage. Circa 1992 from Toronto's Much Music. The Undisputed Masters of Charisma and the mighty Organized Konfusion...both in their post-debut album us a glimpse into their respective futures. The UMC's were molting from their futuristic Native Tongues'esque exoskeletons to take on a more standard form of hoodies-and-40-belows type of rapid syllable-flipping hardcore rap, '93-'94 East Coast steez.

On the OK side of things, we get a fragment of what Monch was about to unleash as he spits a tidbit of his mind-fuckingly ill verse from '94's "The Extinction Agenda"...which makes it even more mind-fuckingly ill that it was perhaps conceived in '92. Prince Po ends things on a happy note with a quick off-the-tippy freestyle (a real freestyle)...but really this clip is about the technicality, originality, naturality, versatility, blah blah blah exhibited by Monch upon execution.  Check Hass G's expression during said highlight.

Although I feel like the verses all ended type abruptly, this still remains an archival gem.  Courtesy of of the freshest blogs up.

What more can I say? Well, these are two of my favorite Hip Hop duos of all-time...not to mention two of the most "ahead-of-their-time" duos in Hip Hop (those who followed after the likes of Public Enemy and Ultramagnetic MC's).  Buy these two LP's and you will not regret your existence:

(you probably know at least 2 people, under the age of 25, who choose to dress like this today...except with tight, colored Levi's replacing the saggy jeans, and a much louder variation of the Air Max 90's...same hair and hoodies though)

1991. Amazing. Yep.

And just to further prove the claims of OK's ahead-of-their-time'ness, here's the aforementioned song which features Monch's verse in it's entirety:

"The Extinction Agenda" (off of their 1994 sophomore classic, Stress: The Extinction Agenda)

Yep, I'm done

Lincoln wasn't Cuban.

The Mudfoot in full-effect mode.

After last weekend's GOODS party, I was on a heavy Cymande binge.


"I get papes, while you're broke like Mass Transit..."

Finesse was stupid nice...the proof is in the above-posted joint. Not to mention he was also nice with the production.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Zena Metal...this is why she's my homey...

One good good read..."Heavy Name, Wussy Band"

At this very moment, there are surely dozens of unattractive baby bands jamming in their basements, desperately seeking ways to add the suffix "-ition" to a thesaurus full of surgical terms; this plea is for them. - Zena Metal

This article hits home...especially since I'm that kid who's got a grocery list of ill band names, most of which will probably never have the chance to bask in rays of exploitation.  Hey, what can I do...the list will surely continue to grow and I continue to grow out of the pipe-dream.  No sleep lost, really, since I understand that brutal names will always be around...just hopefully tied in with a band harvesting a sound worthy of such a lofty branding.  In all honestly, my shit has been about aggro bands bearing names that you could bottle up and eagerly feed to your much adored 6-month old (as opposed to the long-forgotten, failed abortion you have had chained down and chute-fed in the basement for the last few years...woah...O.D'd a little, huh?).  The gnar continues...

Read Zena's stuff, then you will be "of the gnar"...

Monday, November 2, 2009

Fuck rap, I'm tryna make cream and that's that...

A lot of slow-brewed bitterness on this one...


I don't care what cats say...this Beans address/diss to Jay is HARD. I also can't front, I'm (only) a little curious to see if Jay will actually entertain this and let it wake him the fuck up to spit a worthwhile bar. Rap is like sports...sometimes wrestling... but fuck it, it's Sigel.

 Dope use of a Public Enemy sample at the end...

Saturday, October 31, 2009

What scares Ghostface?

Midget hands.

Enjoy the evening and hope you don't have to shake anything "stubby".

Pumpkin Time

When you finally see the creature/monster...well...just don't expect some Jack O'Lantern-faced Real Ghostbusters steez.  Still, the movie is as funny as the name is.

Also, props to the underground Hip Hop MC for being clever enough to choose that as his stagename back in the 90's.  I won't ever forget the time my man Tage and I, as teens, were throwing out the "dopest names in underground Hip Hop" (since there were A SHITLOAD of crazy ones in the mid-90's...mostly having to do with the Atoms Family...what up) and he mentioned "Pumpkinhead".  I was shocked that he even knew of the guy, being that it was like '96 (maybe EARLY '97), but then realized how close knit the whole NYC, downtown open mic, Nuyorican cipher rat scene was back then.  This was before Natural Resource broke up, and when Subculture Mag was still in-print...

Slime Under The Building...

More Halloween'y goodness...this time of the New Jack Swing variety.  This is still my shit!  Easily one of the favorites of that sub-genre/era.

Say what you will about the Bobby who's a reality T.V. starring, slanted coke jaw brandishing, "Humpin' Around", and alleged Whitney face-rocker type of guy...I'll probably agree. But to me, there's no denying the freshness that is this song and video.  Whenever someone mentions Bobby Brown, all I think of is this video during the days of tuning into Video Music Box after school, ALWAYS in anticipation for the moment when Uncle Ralph would load this joint up.  Bobby at his MUCHO (late-)80's cameo action.  Can we name 'em all?  I'm actually more so interested in the musical cats...I see two of the Ramones, Doug E. Fresh...and is that Kane in like two split second shots during the 2nd rap part?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pick A Record/Don't Touch My Records, Ever

From The Diner (1982)

Pretty radical, yet pretty fuckin' rad.

Not scary, unless you are his girlfriend (though, he does make a great point (or two)).

In The Pocket

The live footage to the infamous Hip Hop break.

In searching for this in its original vinyl release, many people, myself included, have made the mistake in looking through Cerrone's studio album catalog...only to be rudely awakened to the fact that the studio track was part of the standard chain of electronic disco cheese he put out (I mean the really, really fugazi stuff). That being said, the LP with said "non-kosher" version of "Rocket In The Pocket" DOES, however, contain a nice little drum break on another don't go stress-testing that platter just yet. You're welcome.

As it turns out, the version so heavily sampled and adored is this live performance from 1978 in Paris, France...apparently, the recording found its home on some "Live In Concert" LP released strictly for overseas (read: European) consumption. Dog bless whoever let this cat out the bag decades ago... 45 RPM is our friend.

I know, not scary, unless feathered hair is really not your thing.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

To walk the night...

To continue along the thread of paranoia and all things scary...creepiness and classic gore ensues.

After all, it is the time when Samhain was celebrated...

Also, crying blood is not just a thing in the movies anymore...Nat Geo is pretty rad. On top of that, the girl's name is Twinkle.

A Little Paranoid, Are We?

Face it...we live in a fear-mongering society and whether you have a reason to worry or not (based upon your choices in life), this thing called "paranoia" is the root to our ritualistic harboring of internal discomforts.

It IS a crazy scary world out there...if you think about it.

In an effort to maintain this month's theme of investing in fear, here's some lovely visual media that won't necessarily try to scare you out of entering that subway station during next week's "rush hour"...nor will these clips attempt to scare you into fixing something that was not broken to begin with through a simple, yet compromising (to say the least), injection. The "cure" is not what we should be worried about. The big fish don't rest in the puddle poured in front of us.

And the closer...since this year, Halloween really does fall on the weekend.

(notice the dope radio edit with the re-laid vocals, I loved when they did that...the highlight being when Bill goes "AWWW MAN 'OMEYYY")

Wordup. I've donned my tinfoil hat and walk with hot frying pan in hand (for the bigger fry...right?!?!).

Radio Silence...

Yep. PTP is awake again. After a few weeks of quiet-time...I decided that it was an opportunity to pay respects (in silence) to two incredible DJ's who passed in the last month or so.

R.I.P. GM Roc Raida

and Mr. Magic.

Those two were, undoubtedly, the ones who left the boldest imprint on inspiring me to get a pair of 1200's and spend more time in-doors flipping wax and burning through TDK's and Maxell's.  Legends.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New York Shit, Part 2

Been a while...

Yes, this is the OG TV pilot. Crazy.

BoxTalk '95...turn this all the way up...much gems dropped.

Holy shit...Pang in '89.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Papa a rollin' stone forreal...

Official video to the iTunes bonus track. You should already know. I can't stress how much I wish this was on my CD version as the closer.

This Thursday...

Chock full-o-GOODS.
Click on the flyer for full-blown visual orgasm.

The month hits its 3rd Thursday again...and the sky is slapped with the Bat-signal...
Come to IDENTITY Bar to save your ears, mind, body, and soul from the typical Top-40's fluff these other DJ's force down into your system.

-Music starts at 8pm
-Thursday, September 17
-$5 (Quality Liquor) Drink Specials ALL NIGHT
-I, Geng-Grizzly, will be serving more of that freshness...alongside some of my talented friends.
-Expect a grand mix of old school Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, Dancehall, and some other tastiness. 
-No Dress Code
-@ IDENTITY BAR, 511 East 6th Street (bet. Aves A & B), NYC
Hope to see some old and new faces!  My crates have been growing tremendously over the last weeks.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Purple Tuesday

OB4CL2 ...sold out...'nuff said.  See you at the album release party in an hour...PEACE.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Gunday Monday... at PTP...even on Labor Day, our guns work.

Well...generally, Monday's the start of the "regular work week"...which means often hitting your alarm clock and contemplating on whether or not to end things right then and there with one easy squeeze (either for yourself or perhaps for someone else during your commute or at the workplace). But honestly, I'm not with the whole suicide thing (nor homicide for that matter).

If you really must know, I think suicide is strictly for cowards, especially if you are considering this as an option beyond your teen years...because, sure, as a high school kid, you've probably hit some new, seemingly infinite pain in your growth (mentally/emotionally, and yes, physically) which might have led you to think up some dumb, extreme stuff...but as an adult, you're simply just a weak dickhead.  So instead of putting that God-U to your domepiece, watch some dope videos that do the task for you (or at least flash 'nuff biscuits to appease one's appetite for this type of (now) rare, visual delicacy).

This is also an ode to how things used to be, raw. Before you could log on to some Internet website, when things weren't as heavily policed on daytime music television.  Where MTV was the only channel scared of the backlash to the point of blurring out the 40-Oz. bottles, blunts/drugs, and of course, gun play. This meant that you could go to Video Music Box, The Box, assorted public access TV shows, and even BET for the less-censored versions of these edgy videos.  Ironically, I'm utilizing the Internet to illustrate this point of past visual delights.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Video Stream: Case File "Again"

...because I feel like doing this.

(not the video edit...but fuck it, it's a crystal clear copy of the video)

Cheers to You, Good Weather

A couple of my favorite, previously-sampled records that which compliment the (finally) "comfortable" weather out here in NYC.

I said "a couple"...there you have it.

Botanica Bar, Dirty 30's, Last Night

Had a ridiculous time last night spinnin' my man Mark's "Enter Your 30's" birthday event at Botanica Bar on E. Houston Street.  The place was packed with a live mixed favorite type of situation to go in on...and it didn't stop until about 4:15am.  There was crazy family on the check-in all throughout and I was glad it was all love and madness for my dude reaching his 30th year on the planet.

Seriously though, the night started with some vintage Jackson 5 to set off the whole birthday vibe (being that it was MJ's bornday as well), into some 70's and 80's cook-out classics...then things got deep.  The Golden Age crates got dug out...vintage everything from De La, Tribe, Black Sheep, Cypress, Chubb Rock, P.E., Rakim, Run DMC, Main Source, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, a name a little of what was then followed by classic Dancehall murder courtesy of my millz DJ Conquerrah (RESCUE TEAM WHATTUP).  Things got outta hand in all the good ways possible...he gave me the most proper alley(-oop) with some Biggie, more Cypress, and Onyx...the rest was a gorgeous blur.

Seriously, even the requests were on-point...things like "Halftime", "''93 'til Infinity", "Incarcerated Scarfaces", "The Takeover", and mucho mention of Wu Tang and Native Tongues classic ALBUMS...mostly coming from the lady side of things.  Yep.

I remember yelling ... a lot...mostly because I played a jarring slew of Wu Tang classics...spanning 36 Chambers to even The W ...almost mosh pit status with all the body slamming and arm throwing.

Huge shouts to everyone who came was my pleasure.
music that makes for an angry half-grin

  Gotta love the "grimy basement party steez" (as Conquerrah so correctly coined it).  Shit was like a house party for real...just a really big room with a big bar.
happy shirts make happy birthdays
shouts to Jocelyn for posting pics of the night

Wish I had a decent camera with which to snap shots as well... this was one for the books.

Three major joints of the night... (one video has two songs in should know that):

See you at No Malice Palace in the Lower East come Thursday night.

Friday, August 28, 2009


Fuck it... the URL is back to it's OG form. After having seen more pages with links to this lovely space on the Internet...I've come to realize how truly prime the real estate is around here.

I'm staying for another year.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Great Outdoors

Today is a new one. Off I go into this insanely comfortable NYC weather.

A very welcomed break from the retarded hot and humid bull' we've been experiencing over the last couple of weeks. Yes, I was outside in 66-degree coolness this morning and cannot wait for the chain of days like this to arrive. Fall and Spring win.

Enough posting...enjoy the reading and media...and enjoy the day.

Time for me to hop on the BMX and make moves!

And to close on the topic of classics and "new day"'s an essential:

Amerikkka's Most Wanted

Say what you will about the more modern day Cube who decided to subscribe to the whole Hollywood thing, post-Singleton, where he's either doing a flick that reinforces the same (negative) African-American stereotypes or a "family-friendly", cream puff outing (which probably supports some of the same shitty stereotypes). So yes, say what you will...I just did, in so many words.

That aside, YOU CANNOT TELL ME SHIT about the angry, politically charged West Coast lyricist (-slash-ghostwriter, ha!) of the late '80's to about '93/'94.

On to the highlights in video form:

Pre-N.W.A. exit and Post-N.W.A. Interview

One of the hardest verses of the late 80's.

Irony at it's best...

gafflin' goods before everyone else...even from his own peoples.

One last hit...unfortunately, no visual media for this one...

Purple Tape Pedigree - New URL

Yep. After typing "" enough/one too many times, I've come to realize how tedious that URL was...and we all know that tedium is no fun. So today marks a moment of renovation... I present to you, the new URL:

Of know this already, since you're here reading this.

'Nuff Gats

First off, I'd like to thank MC Izzy Ice (or "Iz") and DJ Majesty for forming Da King & I and creating 1993's Contemporary Jeep Music. If one requested an album which encapsulated the transitional feeling of '93 (or mid-'92 to the tip of '94...aka the "early-mid 90's"), in being a step away from the playful funk motif into a lower-ended, edgier, raw "hoodies and 40-Below's" sound that maintained the fundamental emphasis on exuding originality, this would be one of those I'd throw in that person's hand alongside Enta Da Stage, Enter the 36 Chambers, Mecca and the Soul Brother, Stunts, Blunts, and Hip Hop, and Intoxicated Demons. This album was criminally slept-on as it wreaks of ambition and ingenuity (call it "creative drive", perhaps)...playing host to a wide array of beats, some hard, some still playful, but all with layered samples and whip rattling the flipping through concepts and styles, song to song, flawlessly executed with unusual agility by Iz (style AND content).

And now to today's feature presentation...
Peep the Buckshot cameo 'pon mention of calling his "rugrats"...real Brooklyn shit.

Not only is the song retarded dope...but the original records Maj used to put the beat together are equally as ill:

The "jeep bass" and then some.

The hook/alternate sample.

And lastly, the drums...

Check for the break clocking in around the 2:12 mark. Let me just say that these drums have a similar effect on me as "Synthetic Substitution" or "It's a New Day", in that I end up going apeshit for damn near any song (or at least the beat, if the song is trash) that has utilized this (let's see: Dre and Snoop's "Deep Cover", the Liks' "Make Room", Heather B's "All Glocks Down", Pete Rock & CL's "Anger In The Nation", PE's "Get The Fuck Outta Dodge", LL's "Mama Say Knock You Out", De La's "Eye Know" get the pic). Rugged, especially when cats keep the horns in the drum track, to add to the rhythmic element.

Speaking of favorite songs that have utilized the above-highlighted drum break...


I'd also like to thank whoever came up with this blog idea, for the last few years have introduced me to so many astounding bits of music. Contemporary Jeep Music is no exception. Much like at least one other person out there in the blogosphere, it was not until recently when I had (re-)discovered this album and gave to it my undivided. I was blown away. Without venturing too deeply into the brush of album synopsis, let me just mention that I have listened to Da King & I's masterpiece at least once a week since my re-awakening to its omnipotent presence in the "Golden Age" annals. Here's a very fresh interview with Maj to read after finishing with your session of educational listening (found on "From Da Bricks" in doing a search for something related to them). PTP style.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bad Tagging: Rorschach in Germany, '92

Okay. Fucking intense, tight, and thoroughly entertaining performance. Typical German punk/hardcore scene hijinx with the paper mache snowball wars and energy (at least from what live footage I've seen of other bands playing in that region).

...not to mention a quick Nirvana rendition...yes, THAT Nirvana.

Come September 25th, I will be tearing my vocal chords out at the NYC reunion...then I'm skating off to the Organized Konfusion/P.R.T. show (followed by the C.R. reunion/finale out in Shaolin the next day). I will have no face.

This was found under the "related videos" section of the following (probably infamous) clip of Rorschach playing their cover of Black Flag's "My War". As I was one of the unlucky few who missed them in the early 90's, the "My War" performance was the first live clip that I had the pleasure of finding. I was seriously floored. In this, I saw a band who looked and performed as they sounded on record...fucking crazy.

The fact that, in the video, they are all reduced to silhouettes thrashing around on stage, due to the venue's choice of "mood lighting", made this even more psychologically appealing. To me, it heartily reinforced the band's bold, and sometimes unsettling, visual aesthetic (as well as that of the music). Let's also not overlook the coincidence of the whole "cloaked identity"/Watchmen comic book character (from whom their name was adopted)...and the element of ambiguity that which the inkblot test was centered around (from which Alan Moore derived the name for his character).

Oh yeah, the tags were "BORN" and "AGAINST".

Bang Bang.

Could not help but be reminded of this refreshingly ignorant (what I mean is, the director (Gza?) put a very "fun" and creative spin on something as ignorant as club/party shoot-outs) Wu video when catching a bit of some new Green Day video on TV this morning, a video which featured a couple in a home being slowly shot up by who we should probably think are the authorities (the bullets also barely missing the band whilst in "scene performance" mode...darn). Honestly, I cannot even recall what channel it was, since no one plays music videos anymore. And no, I'm not a fan of Green Day at all...I just wanted to see what a popular band these days chooses to do for visual stimuli (aside from getting Hot Topic "girly" hair and guyliner). Yes, fuck you.

For obvious reasons, this may have slipped by some when it was originally released...thank you Youtube. I've always loved the song, especially how it presents itself as a formatless romp through varied style and content (plus the random 2-bar change up), and the video does the job as a music video should (if it isn't quite telling a story, it at least accentuates the imagery and ideas found within the lyrics...that being said, I favor the more non-literal of these visual accompaniments). Raw.

Nothing like the smallest cat in the crew, U-God, wielding the biggest cannon, Desert Eagle. (Pause)

Promo Show: "ain't the same old, same old like all the stories told"

De La Soul - 3 Feet High And Rising press kit video. So many gems dropped during the course of 7 minutes (word to Prince Paul's "Mickey Mouse record" drum break).

Remember. "We are NOT hippies."

Thursday, August 20, 2009


GOODS! The Return of August.

It's another 3rd Thursday of the month...
Now more tailored for the "after work" crowd.
Starts at 8pm.
Thursday, August 20.
$5 Mixed Drink Specials ALL NIGHT (but you can start at Happy Hour and then faithfully coast on into Goods).
I, GENGHIS, will be serving you a fresh batch of old school soul/r&b, funk, breakbeats, hip hop, and whatever else is in good taste.
No dress code.
511 East 6th Street (bet. Aves A & B)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Yo. These are my peoples. DJ Conquerrah and Al Boost...aka the Rescue Team. Check their blog/podcast out...Rescue Team Radio.

Also, be sure to check DJ Conquerrah on Brooklyn Radio...he just did a FRESH "Best Of The Bad Brains" episode...covered all me through a tough night of drone ant fighting and laundry at 2:00am (long story).

Currently, those cats and I are working on multi-platform collaborations to be revealed in the near future.

Also, shout out to the people who had me (and my millz ED, one of the most thorough drivers I know) out in hot ass BK, yesterday, with a 1200 in hand(s)...under the impression that I'd be able to drop it off for repair. Yeah...way to not show up to open up your business for the day and have me head back on the L and 6 trains with a Technics tank under my (sweaty ass) arm (I was told to go there only an hour prior to that by their customer service/information guy). Major GAS FACE. At least we got some ill tacos at La Superior (before the place filled up with hipster trash) and bumped into my motherfuckin' main stain Tes-Uno. Good peoples and good eats, essential in this day and age where things can seemingly turn to shit in seconds.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Video Stream: Case File #53782

RAISE THE FLAG Pt. II: Ray Pettibon

Okay...Black Flag tribute...done...but I forgot to mention one of the most important details surrounding this great band...something that helped make them such an unforgettable/undeniable presence...the artwork. Courtesy of Greg Ginn's brother, and original Black Flag bassist (when they were known as PANIC), Raymond Pettibon.

Not much to say except the images he created scarred the brain. They yelled through your head. Even his most seemingly tame pieces discharged a disturbing tension onto the visual palate. This was a perfect marriage for the band's "scraping at the bottom" content.

Some more favorites:

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Last Night

Last night I linked up with a few of my peoples and ended up at Identity Bar & Lounge in the LES. This was already one of the target locations on our navigation for the evening, due to the inevitable freshness that is associated with "The Go Off!" (a monthly event taking place on the 2nd on). Well, we ended up staying there until close (a bit after 4:00am). Plenty of good, classic music and good peoples around...the guy-gal ratio was on point and the crowd was diverse yet there wasn't any detectable attitude or tension (something I've always loved about this event). The basement was packed by 1:30-2:00am and the b-boys and b-girls were definitely in attendance (I counted three ciphers during Skeme Richards' set around 3am...real Hip Hop shit).

This event was actually how I first ended up in Identity...thus inspiring me to have and spin my own bornday party there...and now the 3rd Thursdays ("Goods").

Check this out in the following's free, there's no bullshit at the door with dress code or crowd control, the drinks are done right (by right, I mean strong), and the squad does it correctly.

Shouts to Lawrence, Teknyc, Skeme Richards, Sickroc, Unkle Chip and the rest for providing a damned good time.

Big ups to Jimmy D for toughing out the hotbox at 4am! See you later this week my dude! Also big ups to my mans and 'em...Big Rob-Lo and Ben Diesel...for gettin' it in.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


As I said earlier in my Spazz post...for me, it all started with Bad Brains and Black Flag (with Leeway arriving shortly after). This is about the almighty Black Flag...well...words can't really describe...but let's try anyway (while also keeping things brief since you SHOULD know all that which follows this shitty intro paragraph).

In ugly behemoth of abrasive, unhinged, relentlessly charging, technical chaos. This band was like sticking a mind-reader to the head of an individual on the brink of suicide, like a fridge magnet, while said individual is realizing that he/she loathes himself/herself too much to even expend the energy to follow through with it...all while the inner-head conversation is broadcast over a loud speaker.

What else can I say about a band that doesn't lose steam after 3 frontman/vocalist switches, each of whom was amazing, IMO, and added a distinctive emotional characteristic to the band's powerful, head draining, audio shitstorm. That being said, I think my absolute favorite front was Dez Cadena for the sheer ferocity of his vocal shred. He reached the pit of their "screw loose and fucking happy about it" content with his voice and unyielding delivery. Unfortunately, in 1981, he had to stop due to the heavy strain he put on his vocal cords.

"Depression" w/ Dez on vocals

"American Waste" and "Police Story" from Target Video w/ Dez on vocals (circa '81, not '83).

Exit Dez, enter Rollins. Tonally, he sounded quite similar to Dez...but not only could he yell like a motherfucker, he carried out even more of a "wildman broke out of his cage today" approach and brought that to the stage with incredible presence.

"Room 13" from Damaged w/ Henry Rollins on vocals.

The real question is, what Rollins-era Flag is my favorite...when they were a 5-piece with Dez on 2nd guitar (as heard on Damaged and seen in the following video)? Or when they returned to a 4-piece with Kira Roesseler on bass (I would say My War, which IS one of my favorite albums, but it was recorded with Greg Ginn playing bass under the alias of "Dale Nixon")?

"Thirsty And Miserable" in 5-piece mode w/ Rollins on vocals and Dez on rhythm guitar and backing vox...circa '82 (my guess).

"Depression" Again, 5-piece unit. Turn this up and watch how fucking crazy this is. Also note Chuck Biscuits on the skins (pause). 1983.

"Padded Cell" last time for the 5-piece beast. Rollins letting it all out 110%. IMO, his style of vocal delivery was a huge influence on many of the late 80's through 90's throat kill frontmen and of the most salient examples, and one of my favorites, being Sam McPheeters (of Born Against fame).

"My War" as a 4-piece w/ a devastating Kira on bass. Circa '84/'85. Source: Deerborn, Michigan's own Back Porch Video in '85.

In the end, maybe this post was redundant in the sea of Black Flag posts out there in the blogosphere. But 1. I've been on a posting string of classic Cali hardcore punk...and 2. I wanted to pay tribute to one of the first-wave hardcore punk bands that I can put on to today and not feel like I'm listening to purely reminisce. In other words, the music has aged well with me. I still discover bits and pieces I didn't catch the first hundred times when there's such a genuine balance of solid song writing and raw emotion (with some experimentation sprinkled on top to keep things interesting) get a product with tremendous staying power.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

51st Post Celebration!

After 50 comes 51.

This one goes out to the youth...I'm about to sign off for the night...leaving on a positive note...

OG, No Remakes, PART 3: "The lucky ones died first..."

No Man's Slave

Note: I've recently come across a few too many people who are into aggressive/brutal forms of band-provided music who were not all too familiar with the grandmasters, Infest, therefore I kind of went into article mode.
Infest. 80's West Coast Hardcore quartet who pioneered the style of play that later became known as "Powerviolence". What does that mean? They played with an insanely fast, ridiculously slow, always heavy, raw, livid, no punches pulled approach to "letting it all out" (usually in far less than 1.5 minutes). They took the unhinged blasts started by Siege and The Neos (them being especially unhinged) and just stuffed the aggression into a tighter-bodied shell casing...the result...a much stronger, more focused site of impact to the victim, causing irreparable damage.
Aside from the initial, all too obvious sonic attributes, one of my favorite elements about this band was the fact that the material, as progressive as it was to play stop-starts and tempo changes that intensely, was just that. They managed to hold onto the mega primal energy about which most hardcore purists fly off the edge in a rant. It was absolute raging...and as much of a non-academic bullying as it was, plus the fact that Joe Denunzio's physical appearance somewhat resembled a certain Big Moose Mason (of Archie fame), they were overtly anti-jock/anti-violence/anti-sexism (and "anti" toward plenty of the other ills and isms that have plagued society for centuries) and their songs reflected this in a refreshingly intelligent snap of wit.
They were intact for around 10 years (calling it a day sometime in '96, so I've heard) and constantly made killer music during that period. They left us with a handful of vinyl, a split or three, and mucho bootlegs...not to mention some live footy that is not hard to come by (thank you Internet). Their most popular release is one that makes the history books again and again...for good reason...1988's Slave.

Enjoy (lyrics contained on individual youtube pages):
"Sick O"

"Life's Halt"

"Mindless" (obviously a trend of straightedge beliefs exist in the music...but they weren't to the extreme of being called a "straightedge band"...there's a difference)
"Break The Chain"
"Sick & Tired"

"Fetch The Pliers" (yup, an instrumental)

Saturday Night

Get wild man...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The World Plant Seeds In My Mind...

I bring to you a different type of Axelrod-related "original"...this time in the form of Pete Rock's "Strange Fruit"...the first version that featured Noreaga and Mekolicious (instead of Cappadonna and Sticky Fingaz, who replaced them for the album version). Too bad Cap wasn't on this version as well...that was when he was A-game. Nore's verse is fucking classic. This must've been off of a Stretch Armstrong tape dub... love it.

On The Other Side

More Axelrod...not rare...but I don't give a fuck. At least two great songs were made off of this gem.

Diamond D classic. Yep.

More Don:

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Leave A Fingerprint On Purpose

This should need no explanation. A favorite from each artist.

David Axelrod "Divine Image"

Godfather Don "Seeds Of Hate"

Kool G Rap "Take 'Em To War"Featuring Grimm Reaper (aka MF Grimm) & B-1


D. Axelrod "Terri's Tune"

Show & AG "Check It Out"